File extension SYS

File extension SYS is one of the file extensions that define type of the file and its contents.

Well, when it comes to .sys files, you need to take some precautions! Files with the .sys extension are actually System files and deleting some unintentionally can harm your system . .sys files are associated with the PDP-10, which was a mainframe computer. It was created by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in the 1960s and the full form of PDP-10 is Programmed Data Processor, Model 10. These files were basically created through this mainframe system. They are used by the programs such as Microsoft DOS and other Windows operating system applications.

A little more about this file format

These files with the File extension SYS format consist of the system settings including the variables as well as the functions which are of the primary importance to run an operating system. They are also used to store the driver details of different devices and are very important to carry out the other functions of the Windows. The default location to save a .sys file in a system is in the C Drive. It is named as C:Windows directory in the case of the Windows computers, and for Windows Vista and the successive versions, the saving location is C:WindowsWinSxs.

The File extension SYS format files contain 3 sub-types of files in them. They are io.sys format, msdos.sys format and the config.sys format. The io.sys format is used to contain that data which has the details of the default device drivers of MS-DOS and it also contains the initialization program for DOS. These files are used by Windows 9X and DOS itself. The second category, i.e. the msdos.sys format includes the main system files which form the operating system for DOS. It is called the DOS kernel. The last category of config.sys is used to contain the primary information which is used by the DOS program to operate. Generally, the files with the .sys extension are hidden automatically by the system.

How to access this type of files

Although the files with the File extension SYS are primarily the files for the Windows Operating System, they can also be accessed through the Mac systems, provided that they have Windows installed on them. The Macs which do not have configuration would not be able to access a .sys file. Other applications which are related to this file extension are Play Station 2 Icon by Sony Corporation of America, SYGRAPGH/STAT/SPSS/PC (a type of data file) and the System Device Driver.

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